RiNo BID Brings Innovation, Voice to Area

In its first year, the RiNo Business Improvement District funded several projects for the once blighted area. This special taxing district for commercial properties funded many artistic projects as well as community building efforts including the area's annual street art event, The Crush, which brought over 80 artists from around the world to paint over 100 new murals throughout the district.

To further the mission of the event, last month, the RiNo Art District partnered with Blue Moon to fund a community mural at the 38th Street underpass. Denver artist, Pat Milbery, led a team of volunteers from the community to paint a massive, geometric mural on the previously dangerous and unsightly underpass that so many use to enter into the neighborhood. 

The RiNo BID put forward $20,000 toward the mural in order to bring unity and character to an area of the neighborhood so long neglected. 

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