A BID For Ballpark

The Ballpark Neighborhood is feeling the squeeze. Its location between organized and vocal districts has caused many in our community to feel left behind and left out of important partnerships and decisions being made in Downtown Denver. Stakeholders have come together to champion a Business improvement District (BID) that would provide leadership and a collective voice for the neighborhood. The Ballpark BID is poised to deliver safety and security, advocacy, partnerships with the City and other organizations, and a distinctive identity and sense of place that promotes the Ballpark Neighborhood as a diverse and welcoming destination.


What is a BID?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a local district financing tool used to help stakeholders collectively plan, fund, and implement service and improvements to their neighborhood above and beyond what is currently offered through City Services.



First Year Priority Projects


  • Hire a staff for Ballpark
  • Establish a clear policy and advocacy position for the neighborhood and begin addressing critical matters
  • Establish key partnerships with the City of Denver, the Downtown Denver Partnership, the RiNo BID, the Five Points BID, and other key partners such as residents and the Rockies

Safety and Security

  • Invest in Safety and Security measures throughout the district
  • Work closely with the Denver Police Department and local security teams to address crime issues in the neighborhood


  • Establish relationships and partnerships with the social service agencies located in and around Ballpark
  • Partner with the Rockies organizaiton and residents to best serve all parties invested int he neighborhood.

Placemaking and Maintenance

  • Activate a maintenance team to provide regular cleaning and trash removal for the neighborhood
  • Identify priority public realm projects and opportunities throughout the district

Ballpark Identity

  • Develop an authentic, compelling identity and brand for the Ballpark neighborhood and district
  • Develop strategic marketing for the area that promotes the neighborhood as a diverse and welcoming destination


BID Boundaries

The Ballpark BID includes all commercially assessed properties in the district 



BID Budget

Only commercial property is assessed in a BID. The assessment rate for the Ballpark BID will be 8 mills on the assessed value of the property so long as it is within the BID boundaries. The first year budget will be approximately $700,000

In addition to generating funding from the BID mill levy, the BID board and staff will work to generate funding via contributions from those stakeholders in the neighborhood who are not contributing to the 

ballpark budget.png

Existing Local Maintenance Districts

The creation of the BID is planned to replace four existing Local Maintenance Districts (LMDs) within the proposed BID boundary. The Ballpark BID will take over the maintenance and public realm responsibilities of:

  • 20th Street LMD
  • Consolidated Larimer Street LMD
  • 22nd Street and Park Avenue West LMD
  • Broadway Viaduct LMD


BID Creation Steps


BID Petition

Signatures from BID property owners representing over 50% of assessed value and over 50% of acreage must be obtained


Public Hearing

Public hearing before City Council to create BID ordinance

Tabor Ballot

A mail ballot to BID electors must yield simple majority support for the BID from those casting a ballot